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Concrete Patios are rapidly gaining favor in modern house and landscaping. Nowadays, Concrete Patios are in great demand, and getting the best concrete patio services that will provide the required outcome is becoming more challenging. As the greatest and most reputable concrete patio contractors in Mesquite TX, Concrete Mesquite TX, we exceed the competition by giving the highest quality services.

From concrete patio blocks, concrete patio slabs, concrete patio stone, and others – we retain being the trusted concrete patio pavers in Mesquite TX

We considered all of the techniques involved in concrete patios and hardscaping, such as adding a base color, accent color, and stamping a design into the concrete. We do this to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, since only when stamped concrete is installed properly can it perform optimally.#ConcretePatioMesquite.

Concrete Patio Experts Available Now

A concrete patio is one that is constructed entirely of poured concrete slabs. Patios may be constructed using a variety of materials, including pavers, tiles, brick, or flagstone, but concrete is a common option for patio construction due to its versatility, low cost, and ability to resist a variety of adverse weather conditions. Concrete, when properly reinforced, can also support the weight of a variety of large backyard hardscaping structures, such as outdoor kitchens or gazebos.

With Concrete Mesquite TX’s methods, the concrete is readily shaped, which enables us to work around backyard space constraints or integrate appealing curves. Numerous homeowners and business owners prefer concrete for its affordability, durability, easy maintenance, and attractiveness.

When you decide to include ornamental concrete into the design of your house or company.

Along with its adaptability, concrete is very durable and can withstand a broad variety of weather conditions seen around the nation. Indeed, many concrete builders in colder areas take extra precautions to guarantee the endurance of their concrete patios.

Concrete is simpler to maintain than individual masonry paving pieces or natural stone since it is a solid surface. In contrast to paving stones, there will be no sand-filled seams between units where grass and weeds might develop. Additionally, individual pavers might settle unevenly, posing a risk of tripping.

Concrete Patio Contractors Near Me in Mesquite TX

Finding concrete contractors near you in Mesquite TX that build and/or repair concrete patios should not be difficult in sophisticated places like Mesquite TX. Regrettably, not all concrete patio Mesquite TX builders will satisfy your requirements. It is still critical to choose reputable individuals with a strong market reputation.

A decade ago, hardwood decks and patios were the most popular design choice for the majority of individuals. The adaptability and beauty were unmatched, until homeowners discovered the regular maintenance expenditures. Ten years later, wooden patios are warping and decaying at an alarming rate, and many homeowners have realized that the classic concrete patio is always the more durable option.

However, this is not all that is available on the market today, owing to improved technology that enables the creation of concrete patios with incredible aesthetic variety.

That said, when seeking for dependable concrete patio Mesquite TX services, it is prudent to engage with well-established businesses. At Concrete Mesquite TX, we take pleasure in meeting client demands via the provision of high-quality concrete patios that reflect modernity and intuitive innovation. We are a respectable firm with extensive expertise and a strong customer focus. We have extensive expertise with concrete services and use a variety of complementary services to guarantee that you have the finest concrete floors and surfaces Mesquite TX has to offer.

Our Concrete Patio Services in Mesquite TX:

Concrete Mesquite TX services and provides the trusted services of patio installation that fulfilled modern requirements and decorative concrete patio types.

Concrete Patio Installation

Concrete patios are an excellent outdoor addition to your house and may be an excellent Mesquite for entertaining family and friends during the pleasant weather. Concrete is the most classic but adaptable material for patio construction. Nothing says more about you, your property, and the landscape arrangement of your home than stepping outdoors into a welcome, well-maintained patio.

Modern Concrete Patio

Despite the grandeur of ancient forms and styles, there is no denying that our era necessitates the incorporation of certain contemporary features. At Concrete Mesquite TX, we use high-tech equipment to create simple and complicated updated patio designs. As a consequence, there are an infinite number of choices and an unbelievable degree of personalization. We can create patios with restrained color palettes and accents, checkerboard patterns, and untextured concrete in geometric designs. Additionally, we construct patios with spectacular designs, bands of stones, glistening hues, and contemporary color schemes.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamping is a widespread method in the building industry, and it allows for astonishing similarity on a shoestring price. From brick-like texture to stone and wood-like likeness, stamping is a cost-effective technique to design concrete patios. At Concrete Mesquite TX, we use powdered colors, stains, and antique agents to guarantee that your patio stands out from the others in your community. Additionally, the design incorporates all of the other characteristics, such as resistance to weather factors, optimum longevity, and minimum maintenance.

Stained Concrete Patio

Stained concrete allows for further customisation without jeopardizing the design’s longevity or visual appeal. Staining concrete surfaces with acid or acrylic polymers is often utilized to enhance its favorable features, including the capacity to cut energy expenses. When utilized to construct patios and decks, tinted concrete may provide a wonderful aesthetic to the outside. The homeowner may choose as many colors and graphic designs as they desire. Additionally, it is the excellent remedy for flaking and fading, since the stain penetrates the concrete deeply. Staining is a technique that may be used to create velvety surfaces like marble and grain.

Concrete Patios vs Wooden Decks

The upkeep of hardwood decks and concrete patios is comparable in many ways. Both must be carefully maintained in order to enhance the surface material’s resistance to damage caused by rain, ice, heat, and cold.

Also, before they can be resealed, both hardwood decks and concrete patios must be power cleaned and scrubbed, sanded, or ground smooth. Both surface types may endure up to 30 years if properly maintained. However, as compared to hardwood decks, putting sealant on concrete is significantly simpler.

Concrete patios have a major edge in terms of maintenance since a 5-gallon container of sealer covers 1,000 square feet, costing roughly $100-150, and is only required once every 2-3 years. Wooden decks should be resealed and re-stained on a yearly basis, which also means they should be power cleaned and sanded.

According to, the average homeowner spends $500-1000 on deck sealing or waterproofing. To cover 1,000 square feet, 4 gallons of sealant are required at an average cost of $150, and an anti-mold and mildew deck cleanser ($10-20) must be sprayed prior to the sealer.

Owners of wooden decks must also inspect for rot and mildew, repair damaged wood, and inspect for and replace loosened nails and screws.

Overall, concrete is simpler and less expensive to maintain.

FAQs about Concrete Patios:

For labor and materials, the average cost of pouring a concrete patio is $2,532. The majority of concrete patio costs vary between $1,533 and $4,740, or $4.40 and $16 per square foot. Small-scale concrete patios cost about $650, while large-scale concrete patio installation projects cost about $8,050.

Based on the national average, a standard 10x10 concrete slab costs $670 to $930 to pour, a 12x12 slab for a patio costs $796 to $1,476, a 20x24 driveway slab costs $1,440 to $3,360, and a 24x24 slab for a garage costs $3,058 to $5,944.
Concrete is the most classic and flexible material available for patio construction. It's smooth and clean, can be cast and shaped into beautiful forms, and can be tinted to become anything other than the traditional light gray.
For labor and materials, the average cost of pouring a concrete patio is $2,532. The majority of concrete patio costs vary between $1,533 and $4,740, or $4.40 and $16 per square foot. Small-scale concrete patios cost about $650, while large-scale concrete patio installation projects cost about $8,050.
Concrete pavers are less costly than brick because raw materials are less expensive. Concrete also has a far wider range of design and color possibilities than brick.
Poured concrete is theoretically the most economical per square foot in terms of installation and concrete expenses. Despite its higher initial cost, concrete pavers outperform poured concrete and stamped concrete in terms of value and durability.
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